Month: January 2014


The latest ep of the Haberdash Time features Jovial John, in a rare one on one convo. Jackee tried her best to stay out.

Enjoy such topics as

  • Movies we just watched
  • HH struggles to follow the plotlines of Fast and Furious movies
  • Why I’m great
  • How John joined the boards and his browsing tendencies
  • John’s new board role as fact checker
  • College football and tailgating
  • Working on cars and how I suck at it
  • Guilty pleasures
  • Technology, good or bad?


Join us, won’t you?

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Here’s the latest episode with guest Jovial Jackee and occasionally John. The controversy is discussed right off the bat. Stay tuned til around 2/3s in where my former scheduled guest comes in and makes an attempt to explain himself.

Enjoy such topics as

  • What happened with my first guest
  • Egregious errors in judgment
  • Personal betrayal
  • Breeches of trust

Oh and things like:

  • College football
  • How fantasy gymnastics works
  • Drinking in high school
  • Drinking in general
  • Getting rid of TV
  • Pizza sizes


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