Month: February 2014


The special weekday editions of the Haberdash Time continues with its next guest, the one and only Ken Braverman. We discuss such topics as:

  • dimefer madness tournament
  • datacenters/ government involvement
  • driverless cars and the connection to weed legalization
  • net neutrality
  • dna sequencing
  • the best Star Wars movie
  • The imdb game

And many more ridiculous topics

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The next special weekday edition of Huells’s Haberdash Time features tardbasket. Enjoy our audio styling as we cover such topics as:

  • The original Weez
  • Daddy’s clooooset
  • tard’s efforts in importing the board from the old one
  • programming nerd shit (ends at 16:22)
  • the ethics of torrenting
  • imdb rankings
  • what’s austin like
  • cloacas
  • animal fights
  • and yes, warhammer


Download here