Month: September 2014

Clusterfuck #7 – Part 2

Continuation of last night’s pod. We have the guests from part one, and we are joined by Cunnilingus and playsbyear. We discuss possible new jobs for Cunny, Detroit style pizza, why girls don’t talk, and shit gets musical.


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Clusterfuck #7 – Part 1

Hot off some Dime drama, this episode brings together a collection of guests to discuss word usage, bannings, human/animal hybrids, sports superstitions, guessing names, and man love.


Guests include

  • Der Lobo
  • SGreenwell
  • Knuckles Jewdo
  • Jovial John
  • Jovial Jackee
  • fatty_mcfatfat
  • Sharon Needles
  • backsack


Part 2 coming soon

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