Month: June 2015

VictoryGin part 2

In this continuation of last night’s pod, we are joined by beeney, fatty_mcfatfat, and DontTellRay.


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Clusterfuck #15

On this episode, we discuss manhood vs boyhood, Russian carpet walls, Chicago adventures, Pee stories, karaoke, ‘sney, vegitable rituals, and sanding skin off your body. We are also joined by MoreJacuzziThoughts in his Haberdash debut.

Guests include:

  • JovialJackee
  • JovialJohn
  • SGreenwell
  • DontTellRay
  • MoreJacuzziThoughts
  • beeney
  • Spatchcock
  • PlaysByEar
  • backsack
  • SharonNeedles

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