Month: September 2015

Clusterfuck #17 part 2

This is the continuation of last night’s pod with the guests from the first half. We hear thoughts on pooping on the floor, and re-enactments from a very special Reddit AMA.

Unfortunately this recording gets cut off before the call ends. Things were getting clustery anyway so hopefully nothing huge was lost.


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Clusterfuck #17 part 1

Another rousing rendition of a Haberdash Clusterfuck. We discuss 9/11 liars, debates, Emmy predictions, movies we has or did not have seen or have not even, and a cliffhanger.

Guests include:

  • DontTellRay
  • Beeney
  • PlaysByEar
  • SharonNeedles
  • Hollywood Jewdo
  • JovialJackee
  • backsack
  • StephenGreenwell


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