Clusterfuck #22

We are start the sode with beeney talking Olympics, as other guests join the call later. We also have the Haberdash debut of johnsok0. We discuss summer vs winter lymps, cracking joints, murderporn, the Arizona sniper, and dtr’s LA adventures.

Guests include

  • beeney
  • johnsok0
  • Sharon Needles
  • DontTellRay

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Clusterfuck #20

This episode I am joined by beeney, SharonNeedles and PlaysByEar for a friendly late night chat. We talk about Pokemon Go, California, serial killers, bedding, the Olympics, and much much more.

There were a few technical difficulties with this episode (stemming from myself) so there are two breaks where I had to piece the recording back together after accidentally stopping it.

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